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Utility Locating. Made easy.

Products created with locators in mind.


EZMag is our 30'  magnetic lead in a retractable case. Our EZMag uses a Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet, for connection to ferrous metal ground sources .


EZMag is our 30'  magnetic lead in a retractable case. Eliminate the need for a worker to go down in a hole to locate a steel or cast iron pipe using our EZMag. 


EZGroundRod® is a 45" copper-bonded steel, ground rod tool with a built-in slide hammer. It gets better results than steel and is excellent for any temporary grounding needs. Patent 11311996

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Mini Copper-bonded EZGroundRod

At 18" tall our Micro Copper-bonded EZGroundRod® tool simplifies getting a ground rod into the soil. It's compact size makes it easy to use, carry, and store. 

EZGroundRod    is a superior ground rod tool. It is excellent for any temporary grounding needs on the job site from grounding trucks to locating underground utilities. It was developed with the user in mind.

EZGroundRod® uses its built in slide hammer to get both in and out of the ground. At 45" tall it eliminates the need to get down low to hammer. The safety blue PVC coated handle increases the durability and visibility of the ground rod tool. 


Locating can challenge any ground rod due to the varying conditions* and soil materials, a challenge that is greatly mitigated by the performance of this rod with its conductive copper-bonded steel ground rod.

*This tool is not intended to be used to drive through cement, frozen ground, or asphalt.


Built-in Hammer

Use to get tool both in and out of the ground.

Copper Bonded Steel

The highest quality ground rods available.

UL Listed

To ensure your safety.

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The EZGroundRod® uses a copper-bonded steel that features a 99.9% pure electrolytic copper coating. More conductive than steel, this tool will provide every advantage. The EZGroundRod® has a high carbon steel core and tip that provide superior strength when driving. The copper coating will not crack when bent or tear when driven. The copper-bonded EZGroundRod® tool has a high resistance to corrosion and provides a low resistance path to ground.

EZGroundRod    can be used for any locating device on the market. In underground utility companies it is known that one of the most important things to a perfect and accurate locate is the grounding. Get a more accurate locate using a lower frequency with the conductive copper of the  EZGroundRod®.


EZGroundRod    gets better results than steel, especially in difficult soil conditions, and is the optimal tool for grounding to locate underground utilities. A large majority of application problems can be traced to improper or poor pipe connection or to poor ground. Help eliminate any poor ground problems by using the EZGroundRod®. Patent 11311996


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