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Corey Allison, Underground utility locator over 13 years

“Locating in New England over the last ten years can challenge any ground rod due to the varying conditions and soil materials, a challenge that is greatly mitigated by the performance of this rod. From the sandy stretches of the Cape to the rocky granite hard pack of the Northern Kingdom I haven’t found a better grounding solution; this is the only ground rod my team and I will use moving forward.”

Jon Maclean, Underground utility locator 3 years

“Best Grounding Rod I’ve ever used! In my 3 years of locating only using the rods that came with each piece of equipment, I was naïve to think it was difficult to get a good ground. I haven’t had a problem since trying yours.”

Ramone Wright, Underground utility locater for 10 years

“The best ground rod in the market. Never fails.”

David Cox, Underground utility locator for 5 years

“Amazing tool. Once you use it you can never use a steel ground again”

Alex Furness, Underground Utility locator for 6 years

“Best ground rod I have ever used, hands down. Perfect signal every time.”

Anthony Stati, Underground utility locator for 12 years

“Great grounding rod for all soil types. I get a better signal using this rod than any other ground I use.”

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