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The new EZ Layout  is an underground utility excavation layout tool. The EZ Layout road marker's patented design enables you to consistently layout trench for miles or feet.  This 21" model accommodates 18" and 12" excavator buckets. With its one-handed operation and ergonomic handle layout marking has never been easier. Many companies still use the time consuming method of weights, string and a tape measure to layout the their proposed excavation trench. This machine saves time and man hours to lower operating costs. It has a  solid construction and is the industries FIRST intuitive design for laying out a trench to be cut for a large project (miles) to every day jobs. The EZ Layout fits most popular road-paint brands and is manufactured in the USA! Product photo is a protoype and final product is still under development and is subject to change.

EZ Layout 21"

Expected to ship in May 2024
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