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EZGroundRod® is a 45" copper-bonded steel, unitary ground rod tool with a built in PVC coated slide hammer. Patent 11311996


  • It is specifically designed with the user in mind. The EZGroundRod® is a 45" unitary tool with a built in slide hammer to easily get it both in and out of the ground. The EZGroundRod® features a PVC coating on the  slide hammer adding visibility and durability to the tool.  The product is made from a conductive copper-bonded steel ground rod that will provide a low resistance path to ground. It has  a high carbon steel core and tip that provide superior strength when driving and the copper coating will not crack when bent or tear when driven. EZGroundRod® can be used for any locating device on the market. The EZGroundRod® gets better results than steel, especially in difficult soil conditions, and is the optimal tool for all temporary grounding needs. Help eliminate any poor ground problems by using the EZGroundRod®. Please use all necessary safety gear when using this tool. Patent 11311996

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