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At 18" tall our Micro Steel EZGroundRod® tool simplifies getting a ground rod into the soil. It is a unitary tool with a built in 6" slide hammer that will get the steel rod both in and out of the ground. It's compact size makes it easy to use, carry, and store. Any electronic locating equipment can connect directly to the shaft.  Perfect for any temporary grounding needs like grounding a truck or locating underground utilities. Please use all necessary safety gear when using this tool. Patent 11311996

Micro Steel EZGroundRod®

  • The point on the end of the tool is very sharp to allow entry into the ground so proceed with extreme caution when hammering into the ground. Never hammer the tool deeper than 6". Keep your tool clean and free from corrosion because this could affect your signal. Electrical insulated rubber gloves should be used to protect users from electrical shocks and burns.

  • The Micro EZGroundRod® is NOT meant to be used to drive through cement, rock, frozen ground or asphalt. This can break the tool. It is intended to be used on varying natural surfaces such as sand, gravel and dirt.

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